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The quartz used in kitchen countertops is an artificial stone, made from a mixture of pure quartz and other minerals, bound by a resin. It is marketed by companies such as DuPont and Leicht.

As it is a non-porous material, resistant to stains and scratches, it is a good alternative to granite and marble for kitchen countertops.

+ Non-porous, stain and scratch resistant
+ It is easy to install even by the buyer
– Expensive
– Very heavy

What is important to know about glass tops?
ThinkGlass glass countertop
ThinkGlass glass countertop

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Glass is one of the most versatile materials for kitchen countertops. It is available in various styles, colors and textures. Glass kitchen tops are composed of glass fragments mixed with resins. They can be curved or straight and combined with other materials. Some have recessed LED lights and colored shafts, which add to their style.

+ Durable, non-porous, heat resistant
+ Eco-friendly and affordable
– Can crack and chip easily

What is important to know about laminate tops?
Polyrey thermolaminated countertop
Polyrey thermolaminated countertop

Considered of lower quality than the noble materials of kitchen countertops, such as stone and quartz, laminate has been conquering consumers, namely due to its affordable price. On the market, laminate tops are available in thousands of colors, in different styles and patterns, which suit both kitchens with a retro touch and modern kitchens. They are generally made up of a particleboard board with a laminated coating, which forms a smooth surface and is therefore easy to clean. Postgraduates can be purchased. However, the joints of laminate countertops are always visible, which can give the impression of a poor quality finish. In addition, the surface is easily scratched.

What other characteristics can kitchen tops have?
On the market, kitchen tops with very different characteristics are available. The challenge is to find the ideal top that meets all the desired characteristics. You can then choose a kitchen worktop made of recycled material, heat resistant, stain resistant, wear resistant, with antibacterial treatment, recyclable, frost resistant, original or personalized design.
On the ArchiExpo website, you will find a wide range of kitchen countertops. To narrow your search results, you can select one or more of these characteristics using the corresponding filter.

How to choose the thickness of the countertop?
The thickness of the countertop has an influence on its longevity and durability. Many manufacturers consider 3 centimeters to be the ideal thickness for quartz and granite countertops. Although a 1 or 2 centimeter thick worktop represents a lower investment, the advantage of having a 3 centimeter countertop is that it will last longer. It should be noted that you will find, on the market, a less varied offer of 2 centimeters than 3 centimeters. If you’re on a budget and/or cook little, you can opt for a 1cm laminate or wood top instead of stone or granite. However, be prepared to replace it within a few years, as it will not last as long as a top of a superior material such as granite, quartz or marble that is 2 or 3 centimeters thick.

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